deadbydawn (argali666) wrote,

Rock You Like a Hurricane

I am insanely pissed off right now and am contemplating dropping a class and re-taking it sometime in the future....

Alright, for starters, a hurricane kicked Richmond's ass...thereby knocking the power out etc. etc.

My school has two campuses, one is like 15 minutes away (minus traffic), the other is across town and would take over an hour to get to during the morning rush hour. The campus across town is smaller than the campus I attend, and the campus I attend is overcrowded to begin when the power goes out at my campus...what happens? Well, "logically" they decide to move ALL the students to the Innsbrook campus. I decide it isn't worth my time to drive that far to an overcrowded I don't go Tuesday. Wednesday I consider going, and oversleep so I decide fuck it.

Today was a little different though, all last night, and even this morning I checked the local NBC affiliate's site for school closings etc, and my school was not at all listed, as it had been in the days prior. So at 7:20 I make my drive to the normal campus, only to find ZERO cars in the lot...suprise, they're still across town, but this time they didn't tell anyone!

Now I've missed 2 days of one of my classes, potentially a test, and probably missed a research paper's due date, and I more than likely will not be able to make it up. So now I either have to suck it up and take a C or D, work double hard just for a C or B, or try and drop the course to take it again. I'm so fucking pissed right now I can't even explain it...last night i stayed up till 3 working on that paper, and got 4 hours of sleep only to drive to an empty, powerless campus

Also, before I forget...when the fuck did "conserve water" mean: "You guys don't have power? Oh, come over and do all your laundry and take a shower." Because, of course, when we're conserving water, we do everything we normally do concerning water. When I bring this blatant idiocy to my mother's attention she proclaims... "Everyone has to take a shower," and "I had to do the dishes, they were dirty"

I swear people are fucking BRILLIANT
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