deadbydawn (argali666) wrote,

The Ants Have Won

I haven't updated in what seems like eons, so let me begin with a quick summary

I moved in with my dad to pay him off, and now I only owe him 45 bucks, in any event last week ants began to ravage my room....its possible that its because of all the rain we've been having, or because i leave dirty plates and whatnot in my room. I'm not saying my dad's total lack of respect for his own domicile is fully to blame, but mostly....

I moved back in with my mom tonight, at least partially...I don't have my TV here yet..and the book I was reading is currently in the garage...

anyway..I won the first few battles with the ants, won my room back and there was much rejoicing. However, while I was playing the PS2, Stephanie was sitting on the couch eating a quesadilla, when she finished, she realized there were a SHITLOAD of ants, in a huge line, in front of the couch....well, I readied my bugspray, called my mom and packed most all of my shit...I had already pretty much killed the ones in my room (save the 4 that were still lingering on my computer desk till they met their fate during packing) but I swear it had to have been 30 or 40 just chillin next to the couch...

needless to say I got out of dodge...again I only owe him 45 bucks whatever, its his problem now...not in my room, not my problem

this among other reasons is why I won't live with my dad

1)Plumbing that is going south
2)Roof that needs replacing
3)Trash piling up in the kitchen
4)His meticulous cleaning jobs that I can't touch
5)The "Bill Table" that used to be a dinner table
6)Having to wait until midnight to check my email or do anything else online
7)Hearing him whine about not having any money after having gone out to eat at Outback
8)Having changed a 3 year old vaccuum bag (I'm not kidding)
9)Instead of fixing the heating/air...we swealter and/or freeze while he pays higher electricity bills
10)Cops don't get shot and killed a block away

I think I left out a few, but you get the idea


I start school Monday...I'm kinda nervous...thank god my classes are Freshman Orientation and Computer Information Systems. That should lull me right back to the old swing of things.

I have to play basketball in like 6 hours, I should probably sleep...but I have no TV or books so....I can't right now...

ah will be sucky...i'll lose hours at work...but at least I'll be living away from the ants
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at least i'm not the only one battling those damn ants.. goddamnit!

wow it's been awhile since you've posted! crazy :)


August 9 2003, 21:43:30 UTC 14 years ago

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