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Don't you hate it when you spend $40 on a whim

well it was a school related first...

then of course i had to browse the premesis of the local Barnes and Noble booksellers...and of course i found the latest issue of Fangoria (which to me seemed superior this month than Rue Morgue - i don't care what gray says...) and i bought a book about the most evil men and women in history (includes Caligula, Idi Amin, and Attila the Hun to name a few) and tada...


i said i'd start updating more often...and its, maybe working?

i don't know...

a few things/people i could do without:
- anyone who has scratched off the letters on the back of their toyota pickup truck into YO or something equally lame
- anyone selling religion...period
- reality tv (enough is really enough)
- NBC12 holding the exlusive right to WB programming in Richmond
- not enough stomach room for sesame chicken
- any test or quiz that is not open note/textbook (well this would just be convenient)
- "Bring it on!" ...shut the fuck up John Kerry, only pro wrestlers need catch phrases
- of course anyone who supports the alleged "War on Terror"
- Donald Trump trademarking the term "You're Fired"

this list could go on and on...but I was thinking about this on the way to school today...which as a reminder to myself....
Always remember your books before you leave the house!
Always remember your books before you leave the house!
Always remember your books before you leave the house!

three times equals addition to memory banks...

Circle Takes the Square is coming soon...i should go...
Circle of Dead Children is coming w/ Phobia soon....refer to the above statement...

lots of circle bands...

all we need now is the Circle Jerks and Inner Circle (of COPS fame)

alright...rambling needs to cease...

oh the way... may be giving me increased access...
my rise to global domination is drawing near

or at least to closing threads in more than one forum
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