deadbydawn (argali666) wrote,

Where's the money Labowski?

Tonight was pretty fantasy football team nailed up the coffin on week 4, making the Program 3-1 (the only loss being to the "Rabbis all the way", in first place at 4-0) in any event...rock and roll to the max...

also sub-sports geekitry, it smells like fall outside and I fucking love that...i mean the air is just crisp and dry, and you can feel winter coming...its fucking metal frankly

stephanie is cute

Friday night's at the house off of Providence is going to be the official movie night...I'm looking forward to that. We've already pseudo established some movies for the weeks to come, Scarface in week 1, and Clerks in week 2 (tentatively). The range of films is not to be limited. I'm thinking in week 3 we go for something like Adaptation, which I thought kicked ass.

Hmmm, I wouldn't mind starting up a band that actually would practice, but I doubt I have the time anyway

oh yeah, school...I haven't been in awhile, but I've got a plan, I think I'm going to just grin and bear whatever grade i'm bound to get, although I'm going to work my ass off this week (i know i've said it before, but this time i have no choice, my moniker is on the line) I just hope that my boss doesn't get insanely pissed that i'm going to have to switch out of friday's shift due to the "makeup day", which is retardedly impromptu

Jeff and Colyn got a new computer, and I want to upgrade mine like you wouldn't believe...I've got extra cash, so i think may be paid a visit in the near future... a motherboard is certainly a nearby goal...soon I'll have about 2/16's of a working computer (i realize i could've said 1/8, but we're talking about around 16 actual parts, you get the picture...) I'm going to go ahead and shut up now...I just felt like talking and nobody was around...


oh yeah...
first there was the Road Rage series
then there was the Serial Killer Music series
coming to a cd player near me: Assorted Insanity: Volume 1 - should be an instant classic...tracklist to come
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