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Update...we still have no fucking clue where this guy is

Well, I figured I'd update since I'm getting a little annoyed and lonely at the moment....

Point 1:

My teacher on Monday's and Wednesday's is a fucking asshole. I got a 76 on my last test which is probably higher than average for it.

Point 2:

If I had found a stapler i would've gotten an A on my presentation in class today. We gave an informative/persuasive speech today, I did really well on it, but if I had stapled the stuff together I would've done better, because the only reason I had any points taken off really was due to the disorganization

Point 3:

I've tried calling Stephanie at about 7 different points throughout the day, and the only time anyone has answered it was her roommate. I realize she's got her own life at school or whatever but she didn't tell me when her classes were or anything yesterday so I have no idea if she's in class, dead, or otherwise

Point 4:

I tried taking a nap today between school and work, and it only ended up being like 20 minutes long

Point 5:

I shouldn't care about my job so much, but I do. I think I'm one of the two people at that place that actually do take their job seriously (the other being the manager). We got a new pizza in at work, Philly Cheese Steak, and its fucking good...and its also at a discount right now which is sort of besides the point, but let me elaborate....

I came up to dominos after school and grabbed a little lunch, i paid $8.10 for a large philly cheese steak pizza...half off the normal price...ate it, was very satiated, and went home and napped for 20 minutes.

I get back to work around 5:00, and everything is alright, aside from being hella slow. At about 7:00 a co-worker decides to make himself a Philly Cheese Steak he rings it up and it comes to like $5, granted it was a medium but i still said something about it...

"Hey why does that box say just St on it?"
"I don't know, its the code for philly cheese steak"
"No, it's not, I bought one earlier and it said 'philly' on the box"
"I don't know"
"Hey wait, you rang it up wrong, that's just for the steak"
"No its not.."

so i proceeded to show him he was wrong, the entire time he told me i was wrong (incorrectly)

i went to the assistant manager and said

"He rang it up wrong, thats just for the steak, it should be like 7 bucks"
"It doesn't matter"
"Well the food's going to be short at the end of the week"
"The food's always short at the end of the week"
"Well I want my fucking money back..."
"Don't cuss at me, take it up with whoever was running shift"

i am pissed as fuck about that, and granted it was only 2 bucks i lost essentially, but jesus...she wonders why the food's always short and she says quite frankly "it doesn't matter"

I am going to talk to my manager about that, and hopefully something will be done...because first and foremost, that one dude doesn't know how to ring it up properly...and secondly an assistant manager shouldn't act like they don't care even if they don't.
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