deadbydawn (argali666) wrote,

i am jack's smirking revenge

...well no i'm not, but this is the first time in literally months that I've updated.

lets see,
what did you people (assuming you pay attention) miss....

well i saw 2 sweet ass shows
Today is the Day and Cephalic Carnage...
although Cephalic Carnage was the only saving grace to the entire show....i swear December and Crematorium were terrible...(december moreso) but the singer had a sweet looking beard, so i guess all was not lost in musical ineptitude.

stephanie is still, by far, the most beautiful marvelous person on the face of the planet, and so it shall always be...

i'm 22 now, and i don't feel any older

although i do need a new job, one with real benefits, and a real schedule, and shifts that end at 5

yeah...i have acid reflux...i think, hence the need for benefits, not that my knees haven't caused enough trouble over the years to warrant it, but you get the idea...

i moved back into my dad's house...and have to buy food again...

the miracle part of this grand idea, is that i can afford it this time! I'm not starving and now that i've moved from my dad's (weighing 145-50) to my mom's (weighing 185-190) i'm back into my dad's (weighing in at a slimmer trimmer 175)

my theory is, i was damn near anorexic at my dad's, so when i was able to eat, i overdid it, and my stomach was like "yo bitch, watch it" it's evened out

plus i've been trying to eat a little less since i eat so much crap


Mastodon and Stinking Lizaveta are playing saturday....i think its a late show, i think i'm going, but i really want to hang out with stephanie :(
i guess it only matters if it not a late show...cause if it is, i'll get off work at 10 and go
if not...i'll be working during the show... gameshow..


i've got to stop typing before my mind deteriorates even more than it has thus far...
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