deadbydawn (argali666) wrote,

i'm not in a great mood right now

i have been waiting 37 minutes (approximately) since my phone cut off for you to get online, so i could tell you i love you before the end of the day....but i guess you're not getting online

it makes me sad...

but anyway...since i haven't updated in awhile i guess i shall...

i saw World Inferno Friendship Society last night with Diesel, and it was hella fun...

aside from seeing your ex girlfriend and having that put a damper on the show as a whole..

milemarker wasn't all that good...but whatever...

i'm bored and i really want to talk to stephanie..

starting to get annoyed...but oh well...i just feel really distant from things right now...

not happy

music - world inferno - bridgewater astral league
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